Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Instead of Packing

Instead of packing to go home tomorrow night for spring break, I'm going to update my blog.

Yesterday was a full day of classes since the city of New York can only shut down for a day out of the whole year for snow :P Digital photography was okay. I just printed some photos for my portfolio, nothing too exciting. Then, in studio my group and I decided to try out putting gels on the lights. We used a blue, pink, and yellow one on 3 different lights, and used that to light the model. The outcome of the lighting was very cool, however, the model was a bit difficult to retouch. I'm definitely planning on doing this again with a different model, and definitely different clothes. I think it would be awesome to do it with a model in a bathing suit. Anyways, here are 2 of the pictures from the shoot:

Well, Important Things with Demetri Martin is now over, so I'm going to watch the rerun of The Real World that was just on. Hopefully I'll start getting at least my clothes together for break. I am extremely excited to get back to Jersey tomorrow.

And tomorrow night at midnight you can find me seeing this!

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