Sunday, March 1, 2009

Apparently, Blogspot is better than Tumblr

Dear Blogspot,

I am so very sorry for trading you in for a tumblr. Tumblr is not nearly as fun as blogspot. So now I am back. Samer is going to be very happy to see this post. Let me give you a recap on what's been going on.

I have been very busy with various classes such as my digital photography class and my studio class. Thursday night I did a photoshoot with 3 boys I go to school with who are running for our student government, VASA. Pictures posted at the end, don't worrrrry! I also did a few "musician promos" for my photography on assignment class. I didn't feel like asking any of my friends who are actually in bands because most of them are unreliable when it comes to making plans and actually following through with them on time. Luckily, my one roommate Teresa was available for the job so she was turned into a guitar player for the night. Friday rolled around, which meant the weekend. Samer came to the city early to surprise Kayla, because we are VERRRRRRRYYYYY clever (and sneaky). Friday night came and Ryan came to visit. The four of us ventured to Brooklyn where we stayed for a whole 15 minutes and decided to come home. Yesterday consisted of a photo adventure. Samer's designs (Shameful Designs) is going to be featured in a magazine, so I helped him out by taking photos of one of his hoodies. More to come about that at another time.

Here are some pictures I've recently taken. The ones with the SD hoodie are links to Samer's blog! So definitely check it out!

New American Classic

The Sound That Saves Me

Be My Escape

The Fresh Princes

The Fresh Princes

The Fresh Princes


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  1. yessss!!! im so glad your back!!!! thank you for all the plug in!! your the best! and so klever with a k