Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Day

Today has been...odd. I am never in this mood and I blame my Critique class that I had today. There was just something about today's class that put a million thoughts into my head. I now have to sort through all of my ideas and place them into corresponding spots to organize my brain. It all started, actually, because of my friend Julie.

So two weeks ago my school had our Spring Break. Julie is in a band and they decided to take a week and a half road trip down to Texas. They had a bus that ran on vegetable oil? or something like that, and decided to take a group of about 20 people (4 bands) and just go. Listening to her talk about all the amazing stuff she saw and encountered, not to mention seeing her photos, makes me really want to leave the city and do something similar. I've never been out west and would love to just drive to random cities and towns and photograph the people there.

My teacher also assigned us a project due in three weeks. We have to create a series of photographs and then make a book. He doesn't want us to make a traditional book though, unless it really goes well with the series. I have a few ideas about how I might go about doing this, but it's really difficult trying to come up with something original and creative, and just...epic.

There are 5 weeks left of school and I really need summer now more than ever. I want to get away from the business and commotion of the city. This summer is going to be amazing.

Okay time for pictures. In studio class we have to do a photograph that has to do with opposites. I've decided to turn this into a small series. I'm doing opposite colors. Here are two that I took yesterday:

I am now off to look at some inspiration sites that Samer ( has given me to look at. Then I'm going to sit down and sort through some of my ideas.

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