Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Bit Of...

I find it sad that the "Breaking News" I now see on the television screen is that Myspace is reducing the size of their staff...or something along those lines.

So right now I'm sitting at my office desk in Manhattan wishing that AT LEAST I could look out the window and see something beautiful. But all I see is the building next door.

I haven't done much today but search for some photos for the company's website. I've been trying to brainstorm some ideas about photoshoots that I could do. Samer and I have discussed a possible collaberation to take place soon so watch out for that! I want to try and get some models soon and do something with them as well. I'd love to start getting paid to do shoots...if only.

So I posted my first post on the Behance network last week.

Click the image to view my project! If you're on the network, you should join my inner circle!

I was looking around on flickr and I came across an infrared photo, and thought to myself that I would really like to try it! Now, to conclude this post I will post some infrared photos that I found that I really enjoyed!

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