Monday, February 9, 2009


So it's 11:15, and I just remembered about this silly little blog. You were right Samer, I have nothing exciting to write about. My day started as my alarm woke me up at 8am. Since my room is in between buildings, I get NO LIGHT in my room, so when my alarm goes off, it's like WTF WHY AM I WAKING UP NOW. Needless to say, it sucks.

Photo on Assignment is first up on Monday mornings, where today I learned how to properly set up a musician's promo shot. I will be taking some actor's headshots for next week, which I will most definitely post here. My teacher, Sardi, also explained to the class this morning that it's only okay to have sex to get a job SOMETIMES. Hahaha, she's so funny.

Class ends at 12, and since my second class doesn't start until 6, I sit at my computer and twiddle my thumbs. I know I could've done something, but I just couldn't. I also took an hour nap tonight in class while my teacher was showing us a boring film from god knows how long ago.

My Monday night ends with Heroes. It was fairly exciting tonight, but it's still the beginning so nothing CRAZY has happened yet.

So the title of my blog tonight is FML. For all you mentally challenged internet lovelies, it stands for Fuck My Life. A new friend of mine has just sent me this website, and now it will become a new addiction. is the website, and I suggest you check it out if you need a few laughs.

Tomorrow I shall have some pictures, but I will leave you with this one because it's just beautiful:

By Francesca Woodman

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  1. hahaha the fml page was soooo sick haha

    and this wasnt a worthless post so looks like you proved me wrong!