Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Life As A Typo

Summer's here and so that hopefully means more posting for me.

This morning when I woke up, I decided to take a few self portraits. The feeling behind them I think is more of a lonely feeling. I really hate waking up in my bed alone when I know how it feels to sleep next to someone, especially someone you truly care about.




So I'm supposed to start my internship on Thursday at BIDS Trading on Wall Street. However, there's much paperwork to be done and the background check probably won't be finished by then. I bought some clothes for it today, and I'm going to be a professional business looking girl hahaha.

So I've decided to start using my JPG Magazine account again, so if you're a member on there, let's be friends! Here's my link: CLICKITY CLICK CLICK! My first photo is up for voting in a category that will be published in the next issue of JPG Mag. If you like the photo, I would appreciate it if you voted for it. It would be so awesome to get one of my photos published :)

I've also found...well, heard about a new website. It's similar to FMYLIFE. It is called Texts From Last Night. Texts are sent in that were sent, and a lot of them are so funny. Here's the link for your enjoyment: LINKZZZZ

Tomorrow is a day of working 6am-10am at Toys R Us...I may bring my little point and shoot and show you how much fun it is to stock the shelves...NOTTTTT hahahaha. We shall see!

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